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Our curriculum is designed for our students to grow in both their academic learning and spiritual walk with Christ. Essential study skills are emphasized through the following coursework: Bible, language arts (reading, handwriting, comprehension, vocabulary, pronunciations, word usage, grammar), literature, history, mathematics, science, and agriculture. Click here for a sample of our civics curriculum.


Learning Latin is foundational to giving your child a classical education. Studying Latin improves learning capacity across all disciplines, and ultimately, is proven every year to provide better SAT scores, by far. 


STEM enhances the learning engagement of students through an interactive and digital landscape that can   maximize the enhancement of  educational growth for our students. This platform will adopt the logic of quick synthesizing, visual word scanning, and enhancing communication with peers and staff through alternative platforms.  The staff at The Classical Christian Academy at Bethel is equipped to adapt to the skills and knowledge necessary to responsibly navigate this emerging ecosystem. 

Agricultural Education

Agricultural literacy is an intentional part of our students dynamic educational experience.  This hands-on learning utilizing our on-site raised beds is not only fun for your child, but will integrate the study of sustainability, economics, and government. Our simple “School Farm To Your Table” concept will provide nourishment beyond food to your family dinner table experience.  Your student’s Christian education is farther enhanced as they discover how the agricultural motifs of Scripture illustrate life in the Kingdom of God.  

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