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Field Trips &
Events at TCCA

The Classical Christian Academy participates in Project Based Learning approaches that encourage hands on learning experiences. As our TCCA students create, collaborate, communicate, and critically think to solve problems and answer questions - we navigate how to provide these hands on moments for authentic learning. During these learning processes - field trips and special guests to TCCA offer more hands on learning experiences for our everyday life. Moments that our students forever remember.

Here are some of the locations our learning and discovery have taken us.

Local Farms

As we teach the National Agriculture curriculum in our classrooms, many conversations are sparked about our local farms and what we can do to ensure we take care of our land - and we have fun while we do it!

Beach Bash Fun

We brought the excitement of water to our school! During one of our camp weeks, we learned all about the beach! It intrigued our adventurous sides as we slipped and slided our way through this water tunnel.


Arden Campus

Just Horsin' Around Camp - our students got to ride the horses, Goose, King, and Red, all week-long as they learned about the responsibilities of animal ownership.


More to come...

Stay tuned for more field trip information.


Air Base

Our students got to experience what it takes to be a pilot, interact hands-on with an aircraft, and explore their curiosity through asking questions. 


Mini Farm Visit

In our agriculture curriculum, we studied the lives and habits of sheep and cows. At the end of our lesson, a mini farm visited our campus and we got to experience first hand bottle feeding the lambs. We learned that God is our Shepherd; our comfort and protector and what that truly means to us!


Fire Safety Week

Our students participate in Fire Safety Week where we learned what to do in the event of a fire. We event got a visit from the local Fire Department!


More to come...

Stay tuned for more field trip information.

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